Guy-Serge Emmanuel

Designer - Educator - Researcher

Born in Ottawa, Canada, lived in Montreal,QC during his youth. He holds a B.A in photography from Brooklyn College,NY and an M.F.A in Communication Design from New Jersey City University,NJ. He has been teaching digital design at the college level since 2001; as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, NY for 7 years, as well as at F.I.T, NYU, and Bloomfield College. He spent one year at Oakland University, MI as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor and Graphic Design Coordinator at the University of New Haven in West Haven,CT.

Guy-Serge Emmanuel
Name : Guy-Serge Emmanuel
Phone : (203) 479-4129
Email : gsestudio@gmail.com
Address : New Haven, CT


Lifelong learner

  • 2020 -

    Human Computer Interaction

    Iowa State University

    I am a designer who is fascinated by the profound impact digital media can have on education. I am excied by how the combination of 3D animations/simulations for AR/VR and GBL approaches can be used to re-examine our education practices in order to better address the needs of the 21st century workforce.

  • 2015

    MFA in Communication Design

    New Jersey City University

    My participation in my MFA program was admirable, strategic, mature, visually exciting, and in fact, quite gutsy. I demonstrated to my graduate mentor my intellectual curiosity and grit, creative resourcefulness and protean aesthetic abilities, and notably, my deep commitment to a social and politically relevant vocation.

  • 2015

    Design for Social Change Residency

    School of Visual Arts

    Impact! is an intensive six-weeks Design for Social Change program created by Stephen Heller and Mark Randall.

  • 1998

    BA in Photography

    Brooklyn College

    Studied photography under Robert D'Alessandro and Georgeen Comerford who studied under Walter Rosenblum and Diane Arbus.


I taught in NYC for 13 years - Pratt Institute, Fashion Intitute of Technology, New York University, Bloomfield College, Bergen Community College, and Hunter College.

I come from a family of educators. My mother was a high school teacher, she taught English and Spanish as a second language in Montreal, QC. My sister is a French high school teacher on Long Island, NY. Remembering on how bad a high school student I was, I felt I was better suited for Higher Education

  • 2016 -

    Assistant Professor

    University of New Haven, CT

    I created a new BFA curriculum in Graphic Design; new BFA Digital Art and Design Concentration curriculum, revised Minor curricula (Digital Art & Design, Graphic Design,and Photography), with new art history courses (new media,graphic design, and photography). I taught too many courses to list.

  • 2015 - 2016

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Oakland University, MI

    Taugh a Web Design course, a few sections along with Motion Graphic, a few sections as well. Taught Senior Thesis, a capstone course. Created and taught a Special Topics course: Information Design. Assisted the Chairperson in creating an intership program for graphic design students in New York City.

  • 2010 - 2014

    Adjunct Lecturer

    Bloomflied College, NJ

    Taught sections Media Tools course to the campus wide population. Revised and taught Digital Photography. Taught Web Design One and then revamped into a Flash course. Participated in the Creative Arts & Technology department program review.

  • 2005 - 2012

    Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Pratt Institute

    Taught and created Web Design courses, Introduction to Flash and Advanced Flash. Taught WebDesign One and Webdesign Two. Was awarded a Faculty Development Grant. Participated in end of semester survey reviews for Communication Design undergraduate students.


Early years, before the year of 2000 Influentual mentors are photographer Donn Thompson whom I used to assist more than 20 years ago taught me the professional side of being an artist. Dorothy Schirkofsky who introduced me to teaching by letting me be her TA in a coding course at NYU. And last Matthew Waldman, creator of the Nooka wacthes, who hired me as a design intern and gave me my first introduction to the world of design. Thanks to him I participated in a metting with Jay Chiat, but I had no idea who he was at the time.

  • c

    Communication Design

    Creative thinker and problem solver, versatile in print or digital. is the practice of planning and shaping a message in content, form, and delivery.

  • b

    Design for Social Impact

    It is not my goal to dictate the way people should act, live and think but I do believe design has the power to create a positive change. This thought inspires and motivates my work.

  • d


    Let's face it human-computer interaction is not going away, so might as well embrace and do it well.

  • f

    3D/Motion Graphics

    There is a certain childlike joy when one view great motion graphics. I want to create that joy.

  • p


    Lets face it, human-computer interaction cannot be enjoyable if the experience is designed poorly.

  • m

    Digital Photography

    My first love ever since I printed my first photograph in the darkroom when I was in 8th grade. Don't tell Design


My studio practice has allowed me to explore interdisciplinary investigations including motion graphics, augmented reality, and design for social impact. My work has grown from the days of interactive CD-ROM and Flash websites of the late 90s to more recently creating advertising campaigns, both for products and social causes. My studio work is still very technology-influenced and can be seen in my latest project.

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